If background is where you came from, class is what you’ve become. Classes are both mythic archetypes and frameworks for your character’s advancement. If you want a character that can cast spells, play a mage. If you want a character that is sneaky, play a rogue. If you want a character that can fight, play a warrior.

The classes are quite broad by design. A rogue could equally represent a thief with a penchant for burglary and a scout in a mercenary company. Your class helps define what your character can do, but it’s up to you to interpret how those capabilities fit with your character concept.

At level 6, you will be able to choose a specialization. Basically, a specialization is another way to customize your character and focus your class. If you say your character is a warrior, that’s a broad statement. If you say that your character is a Templar, that says a lot more about him. Each specialization has requirements which must be met before that specialization may be learned.

Warrior Specializations

Rogue Specializations

Mage Specializations


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