King Cailan

King of Ferelden


Son of King Maric Theirin and Queen Rowan, Cailan Theirin is the King of Ferelden after the sudden disappearance of his father. He has been sitting on the throne for five years, alongside his wife, Queen Anora, daughter of the hero Loghain Mac Tir.


Cailan’s mother showed great interest in books, and Cailan inherited this. He loved hearing heroic tales as a child, particularly those describing his father’s rise to power. His mother died when he was still a boy, and the young prince lived a lone child.

Cailan was not raised by his father alone. Loghain helped raise him and helped to organize his marriage to Anora, as they grew up together. He was described at that time as always following her lead and being thoroughly under her thumb. While Anora eventually grew fond of Cailan’s charms, he was not above committing a few indiscretions with other women during their marriage. Cailan never found himself heavily involved in Ferelden’s politics, and seemed satisfied about Anora dealing with the administrative aspects of government as in his mind, a true king’s duty was to unite his people against a common enemy.

King Cailan

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